Billingham Masters Gala Results

Well done Masters swimmers in the Billingham Gala on Sunday 13 March. Just look at Norman’s adjusted overall positions! His category positions were also great excellent, especially as he was competing in the 60 + category, Norman is in his 70s.


Conor Crozier: 50m fly 3rd; (adjusted overall 3rd); 50 m free 4th; 100 m IM 3rd;  50 m back 3rd; 100 back 3rd (adjusted  overall 4th).

Jon Dean: 50 m free 4th; 100m  IM 2nd; 100 m back 2nd; 50 m back 1st.

Neil Shutt:100 back, 2nd; 50 m free 4th; 50 m back 2nd; 100m  breast 2nd.

Graeme Shutt;50 m fly 3rd (adjusted overall 3rd); 50 m back, 1st.

Norman Stephenson: 100 fly 2nd; 50 m fly 2nd ; 50 m breast  2nd (adjusted overall, 2nd); 100 breast 2nd (adjusted overall 5th); 100 m IM, 1st; 200 m IM 1st (adjusted overall 1st);  200 m breast 2nd (overall adjusted 3rd).IMG_8064

Chris Toop: 50 fly, 4th; 50 m back, 1st; 200 IM, 1st100 m free, 4th; 200 m free 2nd

Lindy Woodrow: 400 m free, 1st; 200 m free 1st; 100 m free 2nd