Concert Parking Information


Visitors to the Stadium of Light are advised that access to the area will be limited over the next ten days, due to on-going work to prepare the Spice Girls concert on Thursday 06 June.

In excess of 70 trucks are expected on-site for what is a large stage production and those visiting the area are advised that the south access road, adjacent to the Bob Stokoe statue, will be closed to vehicles. Guests wishing to access the stadium should use the north road, parallel to the Aquatic Centre.

The Sheepfolds areas will be extremely busy with vehicles and again this area should be avoided where possible. Pedestrians in the area are also advised to take extra care due to the ongoing movement of heavy vehicles and equipment.

The GREEN car park, which is located directly outside Black Cat House and the ticket office, will be closed from Friday 31st May, until after the concert. Visitors to the Hilton Garden Inn, Black Cat House and Ticket Office should use the BLUE car park in the interim period.

Visitors to the Aquatic Centre and Beacon of Light should use the YELLOW car park, located in front of the west stand of the stadium.

Visitors are also reminded that there are no car parking spaces available on or around the stadium site on the day of the Spice Girls concert on Thursday 06 June.

Issued by Sunderland Association Football Club