Gala Report – Derwentside Christmas Cracker 2016

Derwentside Christmas Cracker

Report by Ian Faulds

Derwentside ASC were the host for the Christmas Cracker which took place first weekend of December.

Once again great to see a large squad of City of Sunderland ASC swimmers attending and tremendous family support in the stands.

This gala has some events which went to finals, the finals were for the top 6 times in the event regardless of age.

Boys 9/11 200m backstroke

Alexandru Lazar gold and Jacob Barnett bronze in 2:57.56 and 3:25.10 kicked off the gala in the 9 years old group. The 10/11 lads saw Kenneth Juan winning the bronze in 2:48.27 with Luke McGee in 4th place and Alfie McGuire in 7th, Louie Bradley Godfrey and Fran Proctor came in 12th and 13th.

Girls 9years/over 50m freestyle

In the 9 year age group, Millie Davis won a great bronze medal in 38.50 she can be proud of that one. Holly Stoker came in 6th with Clara Birchall and Scarlett Palmer in the top 20 well done girls.

Up to the 10/11 age group, Ayumi Faulds claimed silver in 32.14, Millie Foster 4th and Elyssa Palmer 10th. Also, great swims from Elizabeth McKinnon, Yuki Faulds, Jess Ord, Sophie Graham, Grace Brewerton, Alice Cammock and Heather Robinson.

The 12/13 girls Caitlin Cambrook in 28.38 took the gold, Layla Trueman swam 14th and Grace Abbott and Molly Joice in the top 20.

Ana Lazar in the over 14 girls came in5th place well done to all.

Boys 200m breaststroke

12/13 group, Josh Convery came in for the silver medal in 3:14.84 while Connor Prior was 5th. In the 14 years and over, Callum Walker won gold in 2:39.23 while Joseph Robbins was 4th. Well done gents.

Girls 100m butterfly

Ten-year-old Riona Sorianosis came in 8th place, up to the 12/13s Ilaisa Redda was 6th, with Layla Trueman in 10th place. Over 14s Ana Lazar was 4th place with Maria Birchall in 7th.

Boys 50m breaststroke

9 year old Harry Trueman took 5th place in 54.48, up to the 10/11s great to see young Arran Robinson coming in 7th place with Fran Proctor also in the top ten at 9th.

12/13 boys Connor Prior and Josh Convery were 6th and 7th respectively. While Callum Walker took the bronze in the over 14s in a time of 33.79 well done guys.

Girls 200m freestyle

9 years old Millie Davis had an even bigger smile by winning the silver medal in 3.04.38 brilliant Millie.

10/11 years’ girls, what a race for the top three, Ayumi Faulds, Annabel Cooper (Wear Valley), and Erin Keeler-Clarke (Derwentside) raced all the way with Sunderland’s Ayumi winning gold in 2.26.59 just ahead of Annabel with Erin coming third. Sunderland’s Millie Foster was 5th and Elyssa Palmer 6th. Yuki Faulds was 9th.

Great swims too from Riona Sorianosis, Jessica Ord, and Sophie Graham, Grace Brewerton, Elizabeth McKinnon, Heather Robinson and Alice Cammock.

Boys 100m backstroke

Alexandru Lazar won gold in a brilliant 1:24.44 a full 10 seconds in front of silver medal position.

Jacob Barnett was impressively 5th.

In the 10/11 group, Kenneth Juan took the gold in a time of 1:18.25 with Luke McGee in 5th place, Louie Bradley-Godfrey was 10th with Arran Robinson coming just after in 11th place.

Girls 12 years/over 200m IM

Caitlin Cambrook won gold in 2:36.35 with Iliasa Redda in 7th place, Molly Joyce was also in the top 20. In the over 14s Maria Birchall was 4th. Well done to all.

Boys 9years/over 200m butterfly

Our only swimmer in this gruelling swim was 15-year-old Joseph Robbins who came in 2nd place for the silver medal in a time of 2:30.88

Girls 9/11 100m IM

In the 10/11 group Riona Sorianosis came in 8th place, with Yuki Faulds 10th, Elyssa Palmer, Jess Ord,

And Sophie Graham were 15,16,17 respectively, whilst Grace Brewerton was 23rd. well done girls.

Boys 9/11 200m breaststroke

In the 9 year boys, Alexandru Lazar won silver in 3:37.78 while Harry Trueman won bronze in 4:04.17 great swimming lads. The tens saw Alfie McGuire come in 5th place well done Alfie.

Girls 9years/over 50m backstroke

The 9 year girls, Millie Davis came in 5th with Holly Stoker 8th, Clara Birchall was 13 equal with the same time 51.71 as Chloe Pritchard of Gateshead and Whickham. Scarlett Palmer was in 16th place. Well done to all our young swimmers.

In the 10/11 group, Millie Foster came in 7th with Alice Cammock 9th and Elizabeth McKinnon 11th well done ladies. In the 12/13 girls, Caitlin Cambrook again struck gold in 33.48 while Iliasa Redda came in 7th, great swimming girl.

Boys 9years /over 50m butterfly

Straight to the 10/11 group, Kenneth Juan in 35.29 impressively won the gold Luke McGee was 5th with Louie Bradley –Godfrey 15th and Arran Robinson 16th place well done.

12-year Josh Convery came in 9th place and 15-year-old Joseph Robbins took silver medal in the older group in 31.02 seconds.

GIRLS 9 years/over 100m freestyle

Millie Davis brightened our lives with her brilliant smile again winning silver in the 9-year age group in a time of 1:27.05, Holly Stoker wasn’t far behind in 5th place with Clara Birchall and Scarlett Palmer in 12th and 14th place. Well done to all.

Up to the 10/11 group, Millie Foster won bronze in a time of 1:13.25, Elyssa Palmer was 5th and Riona Sorianosis 7th, Yuki Faulds, Jess Ord and Sophie Graham all in the top 20. Grace Brewerton, Elizabeth McKinnon, Alice Cammock and Heather Robinson also swam well. In the older 12/13 group, Layla Trueman and Molly Joyce were 16th and 19th respectively. And up to the 14 and over, Ana Lazar and Maria Birchall were 6th and 7th. Well done to all.

Boys9years/over 100m breaststroke

Young Alexandru Lazar back to the forefront with a gold medal in 1:42.70, Harry Trueman in 4th in 1.57.87. well done men.

10/11s Alfie McGuire led the way for Sunderland’s swimmers coming 4th and only just missing out on a bronze. Great swims from Louie Bradley-Godfrey, Kenneth Juan, Arran Robinson Fran Proctor, Luke McGee and Dean Walker. Well done team. In the 12/13s Josh Convery was 4th and Connor Prior was 7th. Over 14s Callum Walker won the gold in 1:13.83 well done to Callum.

Girls 12 years /over 200m freestyle

In the younger age group, Iliasa Redda came in 4th place, with Layla Trueman 15th and Molly Joyce 18th place, in the 14s Maria Birchall was 6th, well done ladies.

Boys 12 years/over 200m backstroke

12-year-old Connor Prior, was 7th, and in the 14s the gold was won by Joseph Robbins in a time off 2:30.91 happy days Joseph.

Girls 9/11 200m backstroke

Sunderland’s swimmers were led home by Ayumi Faulds winning silver in 2:45.24 Riona Sorianosis narrowly missed the bronze to come 4th. Yuki Faulds was 8th and Elyssa Palmer 9th. Top 16 finishes from Tilly Abbott, Sophie Graham and Helena Wyness. Well done ladies.

Boys 9 years/over 50m freestyle

In the 9s Guess who… Alexandru… Lazar won gold in 33.84, Jacob Barnett was 5th and Harry Trueman 7th. In the older lads of 10/11, Alfie McGuire was 4th, with Louie Bradley- Godfrey, Fran Proctor and Arran Robinson all in the top 20 well done guys. 12/13 boys Josh Convery came in at 11th place.

Girls 12 years/over 200m breaststroke

A bronze medal for Iliasa Redda in a time of 3:10.65 and 6th place for Grace Abbott, with Imogen Nicholls in 8th place, well done ladies.

Boys 9 years/over 100m butterfly

Luke McGee in the 10/11 group won bronze in 1:24.41, with Kenneth Juan in 5th place, Joseph Robbins again came up trumps with a gold medal in a time of 1:09.33 for the older boys.

Girls 9 years /over 50m breaststroke

The 9 years girls continue to do well with Clara Birchall in 7th place and young Scarlett Palmer in 12th. Keep on improving girls well done.

In the 10/11 group, Millie Foster won the silver in a time of 44.31, Sophie Graham was 8th and Alice Cammock 10th, Heather Robinson was 15th place. Well done girls.

Caitlin Cambrook in the 12/13 girls won gold in 40.31, with Grace Abbott in 9th followed closely by Imogen Nicholls in 10th Molly Joyce coming in 14th place. The 14s and over girls saw Maria Birchall come in 6th place. Well done again girls.

Boys 9/11 years 200m freestyle

Sunderland ran out 1,2,3 in the 9 years’ group with Alexandru Lazar leading the way with gold, Jacob Barnett silver, and Harry Trueman bronze, times for the gents were 2.44.55, 3.03.51,3.10.48 well done men. The older 10/11 boys Luke McGee won silver in 2.27.50 with Fran Proctor showing good strength to come 6th, Kenneth Juan, Alfie McGuire, and Louie Bradley-Godfrey were 9,10,11 and Arran Robinson 17th well done gents.

Girls 9 years/over 100m backstroke

9-year group, Clara Birchall and Scarlett Palmer swam well to come in 12th and 15th.

10/11 years’ girls, Elyssa Palmer led the way in 6th place with Yuki Faulds, Millie Foster, and Tilly Abbott 9,10,11. Alice Cammock and Jess Ord, and Heather Robinson completed the field.

The 12/13 girls, Molly Joyce and Layla Trueman were 10th and 12th.

Boys 12 years/over 200m IM

Josh Convery came in 7th place with Joseph Robbins in a time of 2:31.85 bringing in the bronze medal well done J.J

Girls 9 years/over 200m butterfly

In the 12/13 group, we had 3 swimmers in the top 5 places. Caitlin Cambrook won the silver in 2:44.60 with Iliasa Redda taking the bronze in 3:00.79 Layla Trueman was 5th in 3:10 40. Maria Birchall took silver in 3:01.20 in the 14years and over girls. Well done girls.

Boys 9/11 years 100m IM

Our Friend Alexandru Lazar, won gold in a time of 1:26.67 well done Alex.

In the 10/11 group, Alfie McGuire came in at 8th place. Well done to Alfie.

Girls 9/11 years, 200m breaststroke

Our only swimmer in the 9 years’ group was Holly Stoker who swam in at 7th place, the older girls, Sophie Graham won the bronze medal in 3:27.74 with Riona Sorianosis in 4th place, Jess Ord, Alice Cammock and Heather Robinson swam strongly to come in at 7th,10th and 13th place. Well done girls.

Boys 9 years/over 50m backstroke

The 9 year boys swam well and Jacob Barnett and Harry Trueman were 5th and 6th. The older group 10/11, a Sunderland 1-2 had Kenneth Juan win gold and Luke McGee silver in times of 34.40 and 37.81, Louie Bradley-Godfrey was 5th and Arran Robinson 8th place. Well done lads.

Girls 9 years /over 50m butterfly

9 year olds, Millie Davis and Clara Birchall were 5th and 7th. in the 10/11 group, Ayumi Faulds romped home in 34.93 to win gold. Helena Wyness was 8th and Millie Foster 9th, Yuki Faulds 12th and Elyssa Palmer 16th. 12/13 girls Sunderland had a 1-2 again with Caitlin Cambrook winning gold in 30.47 with Iliasa Redda in the silver medal position in a time of 32.55 Grace Abbott came in 7th with Molly Joyce and Layla Trueman in 10th and 11th. Imogen Nicholls was 19th. The over 14 girls Ana Lazar won silver in 32.89, well done to all.

Boys 9 years/over 100m freestyle

Guess who’s back yes Alexandru Lazar gold and Jacob Barnett silver in another COSASC 1-2. Alex in 1:15.95 and Jacob in 1:27.43 Harry Trueman was 4th. Well done lads. 10/11 group, Luke McGee won bronze in 1:10.58 with Kenneth Juan 8th and Alfie McGuire 9th. Louie Bradley-Godfrey, Fran Proctor and Arran Robinson were all in the top 20.  12/13 boys had Josh Convery 9th and 14years and older Joseph Robbins 6th. Cracking swimming lads.

Girls 9 years/over 100m breaststroke

12/13 girls Caitlin Cambrook won bronze in 1:27.48, Grace Abbott came in 10th with Imogen Nicholls in 13th and Molly Joyce 16th place well done girls.

Boys 12 years/over 200m freestyle

12 years group, Josh Convery was 9th and Joseph Robbins 4th in the `4 years plus boys.

Girls 12 years /over 200m backstroke

A bronze medal for 13-year-old Iliasa Redda in 2:40.32, Layla Trueman was 10th, the older girls, Maria Birchall won silver in a time of 2:41.02 congratulations girls.

Finals of the girls 9 years /over 50m freestyle

Caitlin Cambrook swam to silver in 28.21

Finals boys 9years/over 50m breaststroke

Callum Walker won bronze in a time of 33.74.

Finals girls 9 years/over 100m butterfly

Ana Lazar came in 5th position.

Finals boys 9 years/over 100m backstroke

Kenneth Juan was 6th in this race.

Finals girls 9 years /over 5om backstroke

Caitlin Cambrook won bronze this time in 32.45

Finals boys 9 years/over  50m butterfly

Joseph Robbins was 4th

Finals boys 9 years/over 100m breaststroke

Callum Walker came up with a great gold medal in 1.13.01

Finals girls9 9 years /over 50m breaststroke

Caitlin Cambrook came in 5th place

Finals boys 9 years /over 100m butterfly

Joseph Robbins won gold in a time of 1.08.12

Finals girls 9 years /over 50m butterfly

Caitlin Cambrook back to good form to win gold in 30.73 seconds

Finals boys 9 years /over 100m freestyle

Joseph Robbins was 5th in this final

Finals girls 9 years/over 100m breaststroke

Caitlin Cambrook came in 6th place.

Well done to all our swimmers who made the finals and won medals and competed, it was a busy gala well attended and supported by the club thanks to all swimmers and families.