Gala Report – N&D Meet 2017

Northumberland and Durham Championships 2017 (Part 2)

Report by Ian Faulds

Sunderland Aquatic centre hosted the Northumberland/Durham championships the meet taking place over two weekends the first being the 4th and 5th of February 2017. This was reported earlier.

The second weekend being held 25th and 26th of February 2017. The report following.

In these events, all distances 200m and under were heat/finals events whereas over 200m were declared winners. However, for 10/11 year 200m events these were heat declared winners and only 50m and 100m events went to finals

The swimmers ages were age at 31st December 2017

The report reads all heats first and finals grouped together at the end of each session.


Session 5 kicked off with the men’s 200m backstroke,

Luke McGee started well coming in 3rd place in a time of 2:47.73 ensuring a bronze medal, Alex Lazar was 7th showing great promise, and Alfie McGuire was 14th.

In the 12 year group, Kenneth Juan came in the top 20 but alas didn’t make the final this year.

Jumping to the 16 years and over age group, Zak Logue was 3rd in a time of 2:13.17 with Jay Manners coming in 13th place.

Women’s 50m breaststroke

In the 12 year age group, Ayumi Faulds was 11th just missing out on the finals, however in the 16 years and over age, Rachael Taylor ensured her place in the final finishing 1st in a time of 33.09.

Men’s 100m freestyle

The 10/11 year group saw Sunderland trio Luke McGee 3rd and Alfie McGuire 10th with Alex Lazar coming 18th place, great swims from the lads.

Women’s 400m freestyle

Ayumi Faulds in the 12 year age group was 4th in a time of 5:10.62, whilst in the 14 year age group Caitlin Cambrook was 8th and Iliasa Redda 16th place, jumping up to the 15 year group, Vanessa Rubio finished 7th and in the 16 and over age, Lucy Ellis was 2nd in a time of 4:29.37. Good powerful swims from the girls.

The first finals of the morning, and in the men’s 200m backstroke, 19-year-old Zak Logue finished in 4th place.

The 16 years and over 50m breaststroke for women gave Rachael Taylor the silver medal in a time of

32.75 seconds, congratulations Rachael.

The boys 100m freestyle final and Luke McGee won a great gold medal in a superb exciting race with a fantastic 2nd 50m swim Luke won in a time of 1:07.69. Congratulations Luke.

Alfie McGuire came in 9th place well done guys.

Men’s 200 I.M

The 10/11 year old lads had Luke McGee and Alfie McGuire finishing in 8th and 10th place.

In the over 16s Zak Logue and Jay Manners, Zak finished in 2nd place, Jay in 12th position.

Girls 100m butterfly

12-year group, Ayumi Faulds was 3rd in a time of 1:17.58 well done Ayumi.

The older 14 year old ladies had Caitlin Cambrook in 4th and Iliasa Redda in 11th place. Well done girls.

Men’s 50m butterfly

Luke McGee and Alfie McGuire were almost inseparable coming in 8th and 9th place while young Alex Lazar was 13th. Great swims lads.

Girls 200m breaststroke

Riona Sorianosis in the 10/11 year group finished in 13th place.

Ayumi Faulds representing the 12 year olds was 12th, and in the older group of 16 and over, Rachael Taylor was 1st place in a time of 2:34.72 well done Rachael.

The first of the afternoon finals had Zak Logue winning silver in the men’s 200 IM in a time of 2:10.88 well done Zak.

The girls 100m butterfly final in the 12-year group, Ayumi Faulds won the bronze medal in a time of 1:16.99 nice one Ayumi.

Caitlin Cambrook in the 14 year olds came in 4th place great swim Caitlin.

The boy’s 10/11 years 50m butterfly had Luke McGee and Alfie McGuire finishing 6th and 9th place.

1 year older Kenneth Juan won the bronze though in a time of 33.61 well done Ken.

Rachael Taylor powered to the over 16s gold in this 200m breaststroke winning in 2:34.82 brilliant Rachael.

Woman’s 200m backstroke

10-year-old Riona Sorianosis finished in 6th place, whilst Ayumi Faulds in the 12-year group was 8th place.

The 14 year girls had Caitlin Cambrook and Iliasa Redda finishing in 14th and 18th place.

Men’s 50m breaststroke

10/11 year old Alfie McGuire was 3rd in the race in a time of 43.30 great swim Alfie.

Oliver Dodsworth came in 14th place. Isn’t it good though to see these new young faces coming to their first major event and putting in good swims. Well done guys.

In the 12 year group, Ryan Nagum was 11th. The over 16s had Callum Walker in 16th place.

Women’s 100m freestyle

Riona Sorianosis continued to show promise in the younger group of 10/11 coming in 7th place.

While 12-year-old Ayumi Faulds was 3rd in 1:08.76, Millie Foster was 7th.

The 14-year group Caitlin Cambrook in 1:03.06 was 2nd and Iliasa Redda 21st place. Well done ladies.

In the 15 years and over girls Vanessa Rubio came in the top 20.

Men’s 400m freestyle

Luke McGee powered to a great silver medal in 5:12.44 in the 10/11 group.

The morning finals kicked off with the women’s 200m backstroke and in the 12-year group, Ayumi Faulds was 6th place.

The men’s 50m breaststroke 10/11 group saw Alfie McGuire win bronze in a time of 42.23 seconds well done Alfie.

Moving on to the women’s 100m freestyle and in the youngest group, Riona Sorianosis was 8th place.

12-year-old group, and Ayumi Faulds who won the gold last year, could not quite make it this year and the bronze medal had to suffice in a time of 1:06.95, Millie Foster was 6th.

In the 14 year olds, though Caitlin Cambrook struck gold in a time of 1:00.65 great swimming and congratulations to all our girls.

Women’s 200m I.M

Our youngest group swimmers were represented by Riona Sorianosis who came in 11th place.

In the 12 year old age group, Ayumi Faulds made the finals coming in 3rd place. In the 14s Caitlin Cambrook was 15th with Iliasa Redda was just behind in 16th place.

Men’s 100m butterfly

The younger group had Luke McGee in 6th place with Alfie McGuire in 15th place and young Jacob Barnett in 17th place.

It was Jacob’s first N&D event; he already holds a number of club records for his age.

The 12 year lads had Kenneth Juan in 11th place, and Adam Taylor was first in the over 16s well done to all.

Women’s 50m butterfly

Young Riona Sorianosis was 12th in the 10/11 year group, and in the 12-year group Ayumi Faulds, equalled Riona’s swim coming 12th.

14-year-old Caitlin Cambrook fared better coming 3rd while Iliasa Redda was 15th well done to all.

Men’s 200m breaststroke

The youngest group of 10/11 saw Alfie McGuire coming in 5th place and in the 13 year olds Connor Prior was 29th and in the over 16s Callum Walker was 16th

Into the last finals of the weekend, and in the women’s 200m IM in another blistering race Ayumi Faulds won gold  in 2:43.53, this coupled with her silver in the first weekends 400m IM showed Ayumi`s impressive performance at all strokes. Brilliant Ayumi.

Another medal for Luke McGee this time bronze in the 100m butterfly coming in in 1:19.45 in the 10/11 year group.

Adam Taylor was the gold medal winner in a time of 54.41 congratulations to all.

The women’s 50 m butterfly had a bronze medal for Sunderland’s Caitlin Cambrook in the 14-year group in a time of 30.55.

So another exciting weekend from all our swimmers, a big learning curve for the first timers, and a great experience for all.

Well done to everyone.