Gala Report – N&D Meet 2017

Northumberland and Durham Championships 2017 (Part 1)

Report by Ian Faulds

Sunderland Aquatic centre hosted the Northumberland/Durham championships, the meet taking place over two weekends the first being the 4th and 5th of February 2017.

In these events, all distances 200m and under were heat/finals events whereas over 200m were declared winners. However, for 10/11 year ages heats were declared winners and only 50m and 100m events went to finals

The swimmers ages were age at 31st December 2017

The report reads all heats first and finals grouped together at the end.

Womens 200m freestyle

The 10/11 year age group Riona Sorianosos in 2:41.36 was 6th with Helena Wyness in 2:44.63 in 9th position. These times were both P.Bs from the girls.

In the 12 year age group, saw Sunderland swimmers Ayumi Faulds and Millie Foster swim.

Ayumi swam in at 2:28.75 finishing in 5th place with Millie 12th in 2:36.04. Ayumi`s time in the heat was a new P.B for her.

The 14-year age group, Iliasa Redda swam a new P.B and came in 16th place in a time of 2:26.62.

15-year group Vanessa Rubio was 18th in a time of 2:27.09.

Ayumi Faulds made the finals of this event.

Mens 100m breaststroke

Starting with the 10/11 year group, Alfie McGuire just missed out on a third place by .46 of a second, coming 4th in a time of 1:34.00. Hard lines Alfie, but a new P.B well done mate.

In the 12 year group, Kenneth Juan finished 14th in 1:37.52, also a new P.B for himself well done Ken.

Womens 50m backstroke

For Sunderland in the 10/11 year group Riona Sorianosos came in 6th place in a great time of 38.49 also a new P.B

Up a year to the 12s and Ayumi Faulds came in 15th place in a time of 38.26, 14-year group Iliasa Redda was 12th in 35.29, good swims and a brace of P.B times for the girls.

Womens 100m backstroke

10/11 year old Riona Sorianosos was 6th again as in the 50m in a time of 1:23.55 again a new P.B

12s had Ayumi Faulds in 12th place in a time of 1:23.07; the 14-year group Iliasa Redda was 13th in a time of 1:18.11, which was a new P.B. well done Iliasa.

Womens 400m individual medley

A tough event and in the 12-year group, Sunderland had their first medal winner with Ayumi Faulds  setting a new P.B winning silver in a time of 5:48.87,  brilliant swim Ayumi well done.

Iliasa Redda in the 14-year age group also swam a new P.B was 11th in a time of 5:54.22 and 15-year old Vanessa Rubio swam in a time of 6:02.08 coming 10th.

Mens 200m freestyle

10/11 year group saw another silver medal won, this time to Luke McGee coming in at 2:29.35, also a new P.B for Luke well done old boy, great swimming.

Alfie McGuire swam in 11th place in a time of 2:42.48 this was a new P.B for Alfie too, you cannot ask for more, well done guys.

In the 12-year old group, Fran Proctor came 19th in 2:38.82 this was also a new P.B for Fran the man well done.

Womens 100m breaststroke

Starting in the younger group, and Riona Sorianosos and Helena Wyness came in together in 12th and 13th place, Riona in 1:40.61 and Helena in 1:41.71 this was a new P.B for Helena and Riona well done ladies.

The 12-year group, Ayumi Faulds managed 12th place in a time of 1:32.25, another new P.B out of the bag, well done.

The over 16s Rachael Taylor was first place swimming in 1:11.89.

Mens 50m backstroke

10/11 group, Luke McGee came in 5th place in 38.15 with Alexandru Lazar 6th place in 39.38, Alfie McGuire was 10th in a time of 39.16, all three lads swam new P.B times you can’t ask for more, well done gents.

In the 12 year age group, Kenneth Juan was first in a time of 35.02 also a new P.B well done Ken.

Womens 200m butterfly

In this event Sunderland had 2 swimmers, Ayumi Faulds in the 12-year group was 2nd in 2:54.21 and Iliasa Redda was 13th in the 14 year group in a time of 3:04.06 both girls swimming a new P.B, well done girls.

Mens 100m backstroke

10/11 year Luke McGee was 3rd in a time of 1:21.14, Alexandru Lazar was 9th in 1:23.77 with Alfie McGuire in 18th place in a time of 1:30.46.

12-year-old Kenneth Juan came in 6th in 1:21.09, well done gents.

Womens 50m freestyle

Starting with the younger group again and Riona Sorianosos in a time of 32.88 was 6th. A new P.B for Riona well done.

The 12 year group , and Ayumi Faulds was 12th in 31.97 another new P.B time,  Millie Foster was 15th in a time of 32.67 yet another P.B , Tilly Abbott was 17th in a time of 32.91, and another P.B a hat trick for Sunderland , the footballers over the road can’t do that!

In the 15-year group, Vanessa Rubio was 17th in 31.36 well done to all.


Womens 200m freestyle

In this final Sunderland’s only swimmer was 11-year-old Ayumi Faulds, swimming in the 12-year group, Ayumi finished in 4th place swimming a time of 2:24.67 a new P.B well done Ayumi.

Mens 100m breaststroke

Sunderland’s lone swimmer in this event was young Alfie McGuire who came in 4th in a time of 1:32.66 which was another P.B can’t do better than a P.B in a final, brilliant Alfie, well done.

Womens 50m backstroke

Riona Sorianosos was the Sunderland clubs only finalist, she finished in7th place in 37.75 good try Riona.

Mens 50m freestyle

10/11 group, Alfie McGuire was 4th in a time of 32.80 another new P.B from Alfie, well done.

The 12 year old boys had Kenneth Juan finishing 7th in a time of 31.35, well done Ken.

Womens 100m backstroke

10/11 group Riona Sorianosos in a time of 1:22.50 came in 5th place another new P.B from Riona well done babes.

Womens 100m breaststroke

In the over 16s Rachael Taylor won the silver medal in a time of 1:11.68, well done Rachael.

Mens 50m backstroke

10/11 group Luke McGee won bronze in a time of 36.68 a new P.B for Luke, well done mate.

Alexandru Lazar finished in 6th place in 37.97 also a new P.B and Alfie McGuire came in 9th place in 39.39 also a new P.B brilliant guys.

One group up and Kenneth Juan won a bronze in a time of 34.68 another P.B well done Ken.

Womens 200m butterfly

Silver medal winner Ayumi Faulds won another in this event swimming another new P.B in a time of 2:50.44, brilliant again Ayumi.

Mens 100m backstroke

Back on the silver trail, Luke McGee won silver in this final timing in at 1:17.20 well done sir. Alexandru Lazar was 9th in a time of 1:23.99 more to come from this young man I think, well done Alex.

In the 12-year group, Kenneth Juan was 8th clocking in at 1:21.10 well done Ken.

Womens 50m freestyle

Our only finalist was little Riona Sorianosos who came in 8th in the 10/11 year group, in a time of 33.51 well done Riona.

That concluded the first weekend of the finals. Second weekend is back here on February 25th and 26th.