Gala Report – Peterlee & Derwentside New Year Meet 2017

Peterlee & Derwentside New Year Meet 2017

Report by Ian Faulds

Peterlee and Derwentside clubs showed us a warm welcome to the first gala of the New Year.

As always, our club was very well supported by family and friends, great to see new young swimmers starting to come through from all clubs.

City of Sunderland ASC competed well winning a total of 84 medals altogether, 32 gold and bronze and 20 silver.

The gala started with the boys 200m IM where Fran Proctor won bronze in the 11-year group with a time of 3:04.33, well done Fran.

Girls 200m breaststroke

In the 10-year group, young Emily Barber finished in 5th place in a time of 4:13.92

And up a year to the 11s, Sophie Graham won a well-deserved silver medal in 3:26.09

Millie Foster swam in 7th place with Grace Brewerton coming in for 10th place well done ladies.

The 12/13 girls saw Caitlin Cambrook just miss a medal coming in 4th place, Grace Abbott was 7th and Imogen Nicholls 8th. In the 14 age group, Molly Joyce came in 9th place. Well done to all.

Boys 50m freestyle

In the 9 years age group, have we unearthed a future star in Alexandru Lazar who won the first of his remarkable 7 golds of the day, swimming to first place in 33.90 seconds,

Jacob Barnet and Harry Trueman were 4th and 5th respectively.

The 10-year lads had a Sunderland 1-2 with Luke McGee just holding off Alfie McGuire to win gold coming in at 31.68 with Alfie swimming 32.63. Luke broke his own PB and Sunderland club record with that brilliant swim. Congratulations Luke.

11 year men had Fran Proctor in 5th with Ryan Nagum in 9th place, 12/13 lads Josh Convery battled to come in 5th place with Connor Prior in 8th. Well done guys.

Girls 100m freestyle

In the younger group of 9s surely another future star with Millie Davis winning gold and the first of her eight medal haul in this gala, in a time of 1:25.12 Clara Birchall swam well to come in 4th place well done girls.

The 10 year girls had Riona Sorianosis and Helena Wyness winning silver and bronze in times of 1:15.55 and 1:15.80, very close that one girls.

The 11-year ladies Tilly Abbott lead home the Sunderland girls in 6th place, with Elyssa Palmer in 7th and Yuki Faulds 9th, ever smiling Grace Brewerton was 13th with Mary Ellis and Millie Whitfield just outside the top 20.

The 12/13 girls had Iliasa Redda in 6th with Grace Abbott and Layla Trueman 11th and 12th, and Imogen Nicholls just in the top 20.

The older 14 age girls had Vanessa Rubio swim 1:07.72 to win the silver medal, Molly Joyce swam in 8th place, well done to all.

Boys 12 and over 200 IM

12/13 lads Josh Convery won bronze in a time of 2:53.77 with Kenneth Juan behind Josh in 4th place.

Boys 50m butterfly

Alexandru Lazar  whizzed in for gold no2 in a time of 39.33 , Jacob Barnett not far behind for a great bronze medal in 41.99 Harry Trueman was 5th great to see these guys all coming through together.

Alexandru swam a PB and broke the Sunderland club record with that swim, congratulations Alex.

In the 10 year group, Luke McGee won a great gold in 36.31 with Alfie McGuire winning bronze in 38.59. Up to the 12 year lads, had Kenneth Juan just missing bronze by .01 of a second can you believe, grow your fingernails longer Ken. Ken swam in at 35.01

Girls 100m backstroke

Starting with our 9s, Millie Davis swam for bronze in 1:39.42 with Clara Birchall in 4th place.

The 10s saw Riona Sorianosis winning gold in a time of 1:22.19, Helena Wyness made 7th with Eve Foster 9th and Holly Stoker and Grace Ramm in 11th and 14th place.

The 11s, our girls came in altogether in 6th, 7th and 8th with Elyssa Palmer leading the pack, followed by Tilly Abbott and Yuki Faulds, Mary Ellis and Millie Whitfield continued to improve coming just outside the top 20. Well done to all our swimmers.

Girls 200m freestyle

Millie Davis kept smiling with gold number 2 swimming in 3:03.68 and beating silver medal position by, get this, over 18 seconds! Awesome Millie. Little Clara Birchall won a great bronze medal in 3:48.00 well done ladies.

Our 10-year-old girls Riona Sorianosis won silver in a time of 2:43.62 with Helena Wyness winning a bronze in 2:45.43. Eve Foster fought well for 7th with good swims from Grace Ramm and Holly Stoker to come in 11th and 13th well done girls.

The older girls of 11 Eves older sister Millie headed a Sunderland 3,4,5 to win bronze in 2:40.44 just pipping Tilly Abbott to 4th in 2:40.76 with Elyssa Palmer in 5th place. Yuki Faulds was 8th with Sophie Graham in 11th Grace Brewerton 13th and Mary Ellis just outside the top 20.

In the 12/13 girls, Grace Abbott was 7th with Imogen Nicholls 9th and Layla Trueman 11th, 14s and over Molly Joyce was a credible 6th place, well done girls.

Boys 200m backstroke

Great to see in the 9 year olds, Jacob Barnett winning gold, from Harry Trueman silver, Jacob swimming in 3:21.02 with Harry in 3:26.75.

The 11s had Fran Proctor again swimming well to finish in 4th place.

The older 12/13 group, Kenneth Juan won silver from Josh Convery bronze, the lads swimming in 2:53.69 and 3:00.87 Connor Prior was in 5th place.

Girls 50m breaststroke

In the 10 year ladies, Helena Wyness was 6th with Eve Foster 7th, Emily Barber was 10th.

Up to the 11s, Ayumi Faulds won the first of her 4 golds of the weekend coming in at 40.75 over 4 seconds ahead of silver, brilliant Ayumi. Millie Foster was 5th Sophie Graham 8th and Grace Brewerton 13th Millie Whitfield was in the top 20.

The 12/13s Caitlin Cambrook was 4th just missing out on a podium place, Grace Abbott was 9th and Imogen Nicholls 10th.

The older group of 14 years saw Vanessa Rubio come in 5th place. Well done ladies.

Boys 100m IM

And in the 9 year group, the winner is, you guessed it, Alexandru Lazar in 1.26.83, well done Alex.

Girls 50m backstroke

In the younger 9-year group, Millie Davis won bronze in 46.77 with plucky Clara Birchall 5th place young Lucy Whitfield was 7th.

The 10s Grace Ramm and Holly Stoker were 8th and 9th with Emily Barber 13th place.

The 11-year girls Had Ayumi Faulds winning gold number 2 in a time of 37.45 Elyssa Palmer was 8th and Ayumi’s twin sister Yuki 9th. Mary Ellis and Millie Whitfield were just outside the top 20.

12/13 girls, Caitlin Cambrook gold in 34.14 with Iliasa Redda silver in a time of 35.12. Brilliant swimming girls.

Boys 100m breaststroke

Gold number 4 for Alex Lazar in a time of 1:46.77, Jacob Barnett won bronze in a time of 1:53.50 with Harry Trueman just behind in 4th place.

1 year up Luke McGee was 3rd for the bronze in a time of 1:50.95.

The 11s Ryan Nagum won silver with Fran Proctor in bronze in times of 1:40.04 and 1:44.06.

Josh Convery brought home gold in the 12/13 boys in a great time of 1:31.13 with Kenneth Juan 4th and Connor Prior 7th place, well done lads.

Girls 100m butterfly

11 year old Tilly Abbott was 4th while up to the 12/13 group, Iliasa Redda won the first of her 3 golds of the day in a time of 1:18.51 powerful swim Iliasa. Layla Trueman was in 10th place.

The older 14s Vanessa swam to 4th place with Molly Joyce close behind in 5th. Well done to all.

Girls 200m IM

10 year olds Riona Sorianosis brought home the gold medal in 3:03.80 with Helena Wyness in 5th and Eve Foster 7th.

The 11 year old girls, Tilly Abbott Pipped  Yuki Faulds to bronze medal with Yuki 4th, Tilly’s time was 3:02.14  Millie Foster was 6th and Sophie Graham 8th place, Elyssa Palmer 11th and Grace Brewerton in 14th place.

Iliasa Redda lead the way in the 12/13 girls winning her second gold in 2:44.66, Grace Abbott was 11th with Imogen Nicholls 16th.

A great bronze medal for Vanessa Rubio in the 14s and over girls, swimming in 2:44.72

Well done to all the girls.

Boys 200m breaststroke

Harry Trueman in the 9-year group, in 4:02.39 won gold, well done Harry.

In the 11-year boys, Ryan Nagum won silver and Fran Proctor bronze in times of 3:32.34 and 3:35.19

Connor Prior won bronze in the older 12/13 boys in 3:25.65. Well done guys.

Girls 50m freestyle

9 year old Millie Davis top of the podium for gold number 3 in a time of 37.58, Clara Birchall swam in for 4th place.

The ten year old girls Eve Foster was 9th, Grace Ramm 12th and Holly Stoker 13th.

11-year-old Ayumi Faulds powered to gold number 3 in 31.67 seconds.  Millie Foster won the bronze in 32.95 with Tilly Abbott 4th. Sunderland had a large contingent in midfield with Elizabeth McKinnon 8th, Elyssa Palmer 9th, Sophie Graham 11th, Yuki Faulds 12th and Grace Brewerton 13th place. Just inside the top 20 was Heather Robinson with Mary Ellis just outside it.

Caitlin Cambrook won gold in the older 12/13 group in 28.58 seconds, Iliasa Redda was 4th. Imogen Nicholls was in the top 20.

In the 14-year-old girls, Vanessa Rubio won bronze in 30.65 with Molly Joyce 7th place, well done ladies.

Boys 100m freestyle

I’ve lost count! But its gold number 5 for Alex Lazar in a time of 1:16.77 he headed a Sunderland 1,2,3 with Harry Trueman silver in 1:25.57 and Jacob Barnett bronze in 1:26.44

In the 10-year boys, Alfie McGuire powered to gold in 1:13.45.

The 11s had Fran Proctor in 7th with Arran Robinson in 9th Ryan Nagum was 13th. 12/13 boys, Kenneth Juan was 8th with Connor Prior 9th well done guys.

Girls 50m butterfly

In the 9 year girls, Millie Davis medal box got heavier winning bronze in 47.83 with Clara Birchall in 4th place. The 10 year girls followed with Helena Wyness winning silver in 38.48 with Riona Sorianosis bronze in 39.38, Grace Ramm was 8th and Holly Stoker 10th.

In the 11s it was back to Ayumi Faulds to bring in gold number 4 in a time of 34.86, Heather Robinson was 14th with Mary Ellis 15th place.

12/13 girls Caitlin Cambrook powered to gold in 31.49 Grace Abbott was 7th and Layla Trueman 9th.

In the 14s and over Molly Joyce won a brilliant bronze medal in a time of 36.41 seconds well done Molly.

Brilliant swimming from all the Sunderland girls.

Boys 100m backstroke

6, Six!! for Alexandru Lazar  in the 9 year olds in 1:22.07 and not only that but a whopping 27 seconds in front of silver, and a new PB and another club record. Congratulations again Alex.

The ten-year-old boys saw Alfie McGuire win silver in 1:25.42, the 11 year olds Arran Robinson was 8th place.

Kenneth Juan won bronze in the 12/13 boys in a time of 1:18.86, well done men.

Girls 200m butterfly

In the 12-year group, our only swimmer was Layla Trueman who came in 5th place in a time of 3:12.04 well done Layla.

Boys 200m freestyle

Jacob Barnett and Harry Trueman were a Sunderland 1/2 bringing in silver and bronze in times of 2:55.72 and 3:06.70 well-done lads.

In the 10s Ben Percy was a credible 6th in what I think was Ben’s first gala, well done Ben.

The 11-year boys had Fran Proctor win a great race to bring in gold in a time of 2:38.57 Arran Robinson swam in 7th place. In the 12/13 boys, Connor Prior was 4th with Kenneth Juan 7th. Well done to all.

Girls 200m backstroke

Millie Davis in the 9-year group won silver in a time of 3:28.44 with Clara Birchall in 3rd place winning a great bronze medal in a time of 3:46.32

Helena Wyness in the 10-year ladies, won bronze in a time of 3:11.79 Eve Foster was 7th and Holly Stoker and Grace Ramm 9th and 10th.

The 11 years old were lead home by Yuki Faulds winning silver in a time of 2:57.54. 5th 6th 7th and 8th were all Sunderland with Elyssa Palmer, Tilly Abbott, Millie Foster, and Sophie Graham swimming powerfully.

Grace Brewerton, Elizabeth McKinnon, Heather Robinson, and Mary Ellis were all in the top 15.

Iliasa Redda won gold number 3 in a time of 2:39.93 in the 12/13 group, Grace Abbott was 5th and Layla Trueman 10th, Imogen Nicholls was just outside the top ten.

14-year-old Molly Joyce produced another great swim to win bronze in a time of 2:56.77.

Well done to all.

Boys 50m breaststroke

Bronze medal for Luke McGee in the 10 year group, in a time of 49.79

Ryan Nagum won gold in the 11 year boys in a time of 44.04 well done lads.

Boys 50m backstroke

7TH heaven for Alexandru Lazar winning gold number 7 in a time of 38.21 and Alex headed a Sunderland 1,2,3 in this race  with Harry Trueman and Jacob Barnett winning silver and bronze in times of 46.73 and 46.94 .

Luke McGee won gold in the 10-year group in 36.80 with Ben Percy coming in10th place.

In the 11s Ryan Nagum was 6th while in the 12/13 boys, Connor Prior was 10th well done to all.

Girls 100m breaststroke

The 9-year-old girls were only seconds apart with Millie Davis winning silver and Clara Birchall bronze in respective times of 2:02.82and 2:03.57.

In the 10 year group, Riona Sorianosis was 4th with Helena Wyness 7th 10, 11 and 13 were Eve Foster, Holly Stoker and Grace Ramm.

The 11s were headed home by Sophie Graham winning bronze in 1:40.32 Sophie just missing silver by .04 seconds, finger nails Sophie!! Millie Foster was 4th with Yuki Faulds 9th, Elizabeth McKinnon, Tilly Abbott, Elyssa Palmer, Heather Robinson, Grace Brewerton, and Mary Ellis were all in the top 20.

In the 14-year group, Vanessa Rubio was 5th well done ladies.

Boys 100m butterfly

10-year-old Alfie McGuire took the silver medal in a time of 1:34.34and in the 12/13 group, Kenneth Juan managed 6th place. Well done guys.

So ended the first gala of 2017, and it looks like City of Sunderland ASC continue moving forward with these performances. See you all at the Aquatic centre for our home gala on January 21/22.