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Hi All

Below is an email received from Dave Low – please read & be aware for this weekend.


Dear All
It has been brought to my attention that photographs from the first weekend have been posted by some Clubs on social media which clearly identify swimmers from other Clubs either on the blocks or preparing to race.  Some of these photographs show swimmers where their parents have not given photography consent and as such should not be published on social media.  This is a safeguarding issue.
In the circumstances could I please ask all Clubs to ensure that in future photographs of this nature (where other swimmers are included) are either not taken or that appropriate edits are applied to ensure the identity of other swimmers are hidden.
In addition could any Clubs which have published or shared photographs from the first weekend please review these urgently and remove any which show swimmers from other Clubs or where consent has not been obtained.
Thank you for cooperation in this important matter.
Kind regards
Dave Low

N&D Championships Manager