Nutrition Evening

Dear Parents,

I have recently secured a partnership with Youth Sport Nutrition, a unique sports supplement brand whose product, PROTEEN, is designed specifically for the training and nutritional demands of younger athletes.

The product is of very high quality and crucially, is batch tested through the Informed Sport programme. For those who are unaware, products that are tested as part of this programme are guaranteed for purity and free from contamination. This is essential forathletes competing at National/International level who could be subject to doping procedures. British Swimming will insist that any athletes on their teams or programme use only products listed by Informed Sport.

A large number of the top level Swim Clubs and GB Athletes are using PROTEEN to support their recovery after training or match days/competitions to recover and I feel this will keep us up to standard regarding our application of sports nutrition – This is important for overall health, wellbeing, recovery and ultimately performance.

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Informed Sport –

Currently, it is the only safe, natural option on the market for young athletes and contains everything you need to support recovery after training. Its not just protein – it contains full recovery nutrition offering a wide variety of benefits relevant to us – Vitamin C (immunity), Iron (for female swimmers), Omega 3/6, BCAA’s and Calcium for bone development and health. 

It aims to save you time and money by including all the necessary vitamins/minerals that would otherwise be bought separately, and includes them in relative amounts to your age and development needs.

The product itself retails at £39.99, however I have secured all Sunderland ASC members a 35% discount when ordering online by using the voucher code; SASC35.


If supplementation is not something you is currently looking at, then there is no need to rush to implement this, however, for those already using any sort of mass-market whey protein, this is a high quality and affordable product that is also batch tested, made just for young athletes. City of Sunderland ASC members are already using it to support their programme.

In the new season, Lou Matera, the CEO of YSN, has offered to arrange a visit to the programme to discuss the product and sports nutrition with yourselves if you have any questions or require any further information. 

City of Sunderland will be holding a Nutrition Evening    for Athletes and Parents

Venue : Sunderland Aquatic Center

Date.  : November 9th

Time  : 6.00pm

This is a great opportunity to further develop your knowledge around training in order to optimise your training and performance.

Places for this event are limited so if you would like to attend please confirm directly on

Kind Regards

Danny Thompson