Officials – Needed

Hi All

It is becoming increasing difficult to find sufficient officials willing/able to help at out galas.  Unfortunately if enough aren’t available then this may result in a gala having to be cancelled, which of course no one wants.  Without new parents stepping up to take on this role it is becoming a strain on the current officials we have within the club, we only have 9 officials at present & with having a 10 lane pool to cover we do need a lot more than other clubs within the county.  If we get enough volunteers willing to complete the training course then we can arrange for this to be done @ Sunderland Aquatic Centre.

You would only have to complete 3 classroom based training sessions & 1 online course (contemporary issues), all your mentoring session will be done poolside when you’d normally be at a gala.  If anyone is interested in becoming an official please contact – names will be collated & a date arranged for training.  It really is a great way to help support the club and most importantly your swimmer.

Many Thanks
COSASC Committee