BLDSA swim results

In March some of the Masters took part in the British Long Distance Swimming Association 30 minute and one hour swims. This is open to swimmers internationally. The results are just out with our Club doing really well achieving a medal haul of around 17 with a number of swim records.  Watch for a piece in the Sunderland Echo when these medals arrive in a few weeks. Here are the results:

Thirty minute swim:

Elaine Ravenhall (35-39 yrs) 1st record holder

Lindy Woodrow (65-69 yrs) 2nd

Andrea Frame (70-74 yrs ) 2nd

Mark Robinson (50-54 yrs) 1st record holder

Nigel Ellam (60-64 yrs) 2nd

Ian Whyte (65-69 yrs) 1st record holder

Ray Waggot (65-69 yrs) 2nd

Dave Hills (70-74 yrs) 1st record holder


COSASC women 65+yrs 2nd Lindy Woodrow,  Andrea Frame and  Yvonne Perry

COSASC men 55= yrs  1st,  record holders (Dave Hills, Nigel Ellam,  Ian Whyte)

One hour swim:

Elaine Ravenhall (35-39 yrs) 2nd

Lindy Woodrow (65-69 yrs) 3rd

Andrea Frame (70-74 yrs) 3rd

Stephen Williams (35-39 yrs) 5th

Nigel Ellam ( 60-64 yrs) 3rd

Dave Hills (70 – 74 yrs) 1st record holder – also for 65-69 yrs!


COSASC women 35 yrs + 1st record holders (Elaine Ravenhall, Andrea Frame, Lindy Woodrow)

COSASC men 35+ 1st record holders. (Dave, Nigel and Stephen)