Summer 2021 Pool and Land Training Programme

Dear All Members,

Please see below the “Summer Pool Training Programme” which will commence on Monday 2nd August 2021 until Friday 3rd September 2021.

Week commencing Monday 6th September training will revert back to the pre-summer evening training for all squads, there will be no weekday morning training for Performance or AGD that week however Saturday 11th September morning training will be on as per the pre-summer Saturday training times.

Week commencing Monday 13th September weekday morning training will be phased back in as instructed by individual Squad Coaches nearer the time.

Squad(s) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Performance 4pm-6pm 4pm-6pm 4pm-6pm 4pm-6pm No Training No Training No Training
Coach Coach K Coach K Paul Coach K
YP 6pm-8pm 6pm-8pm 4pm-6pm 6pm-8pm
Coach Paul Paul Coach K Paul
AGD 4pm-6pm 4pm-6pm 6pm-7.30pm 4pm-6pm
Coach Paul Paul Paul Paul
Platinum 6pm-7pm 6pm-8pm 7pm-8pm 6pm-7pm
Coach Coach K Sue & Jonathan Coach K Coach K
Silver & Gold 7pm-8pm No Training 6pm-7pm 7pm-8pm
Coach Coach K Coach K Coach K
Masters 8pm-9pm No Training 7.30pm-8.30pm 8pm-9pm
Coach Coach K Pia Coach K
Water Polo No Training 7.45pm-9.15pm No Training No Training

Please see below the “Summer Land Training Programme” which will run for the same period of time as outlined above:


Day 14:30 16:00 16:45 18:45
Monday 1:1 Check-ins YP S&C 1
(45 mins)
Junior land 1
(30 mins)
Performance S&C 1
(45 mins)
Tuesday YP S&C 2
(45 mins)
1:1 Check-ins AGD S&C 1
(45 mins)
Wednesday 1:1 Check-ins AGD S&C 2
(45 mins)
Junior land 2
(30 mins)
Performance S&C 2

The remote land training programme over the summer will run on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s – this will allow all athletes and families to enjoy long weekends. Each squad have two optional remote land training sessions based around their summer pool training timetable. The junior squads over the summer will be combined for land training provision to ensure they both get the option and chance to join two sessions each. Please note that 1:1 check-ins are available with Chris Ferriter for all athletes during the above times listed. Chris will communicate how athletes can request these 1:1’s nearer the time directly over Teams.

Over the summer period we would encourage all athletes to ensure they take time to rest, recuperate and enjoy the summer – these training programmes are so you all know what is available for you over the summer. The Coaches will also be taking time off over the summer – please be assured that appropriate cover will be in place to cover any leave and I have asked that let the squads know those cover arrangements.

Kindest Regards