Covid-19 Self-Isolation Procedure

Dear Members,

I wanted to send some club wide communications around Covid-19 self-isolation periods. As we currently have access to some swimming provision at Hetton I wanted to assure everyone that as a club we are fully compliant with government guidance and adherence strictly to these, this is for the safety of our swimmers, families, coaches and Everyone Active staff who share the same environment as our club whilst swimming.

Therefore I wanted to ensure everyone understands the procedure if you receive a positive test or your child receives notification that they must self-isolate from school as they both include the same self-isolation period.

For those children sent home from school due to contact with someone who has tested positive, as a club we need to be provided with a copy of that school letter which informs you of your child’s self-isolation period. We need this as an evidence source – therefore at the end of that self-isolation period if they remain symptom free they can return to the pool on the stated date within that letter. These letters must be emailed directly to the Chair ( who is the Covid-19 lead for the club, if you want to copy in your coach to make them aware please feel free to do so however the mandatory contact is directly to the Chair.

The school letters note the end date of that self-isolation period – we cannot permit entry back into the pool until that date. If the letter states they can return to school on a Monday but the self-isolation period ends on a Saturday then this should be clearly stated in their letter so you are aware that they can stop self-isolating from the Saturday and then return to school from that Monday. Therefore swimmers will only be permitted back in the water from the date stated in the letter which is the end of the self-isolation period.

I appreciate this may be frustrating and a hassle to email me a copy / picture of the letter but this is to ensure wherever possible we protect our swimmers, families, coaches and everyone active staff from risk related to the clubs swimming.

If you or an immediate family member tests positive then again your child will need to self-isolate for 14 days of receipt of that positive test, we will need a copy of the positive test results which clearly show the date of that positive test to ascertain the date they can return to swimming if they remain symptom free.

As a club we have to work together to wherever possible keep those we care about safe and well – therefore I hope you are all fully supportive of our Club stance and feel assured we are doing everything in our power to protect everyone we possibly can.  This procedure will be in place till further notice and will be followed upon our return to the Aquatics Centre in November which I hope to have further news to share with you all in the next couple of weeks.

Kindest Regards