Tynemouth Spring Meet 2020

28/03/2020 – 29/03/2020 all-day
Tynemouth Swimming Pool
NE29 9PX
£6.00 inc Admin Fee

The closing date for this gala is 28 February 2020

The dates for the gala are 28/29 March 2020

The cost per swim is £6.00 inc admin fees

Swims will be given to Athletes by their Coaches

As all details need to be entered manually I will need the following information:

Name of Athlete

Date of Birth

ASA Number

Times must be provided whether they have swam the event or not (so you may need to ask for training times).  Converted  times are acceptable, but all times provided will be used as short course times.

If no times are provided I will return your entry & your child will not be entered into the gala.

Please note the password will be the same for each gala

I am unable to accept late entries for any gala

Any questions please contact Michelle on compsec@cityofsunderlandasc.co.uk


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Tynemouth Spring_Qual_times_2020

Tynemouth SPRING_GALA_2020_programme