Gala Management Team

We are hoping to get a group of people together to form a gala management team.

It’s role would be to organise, set up and manage our home meets.

There will be many varied jobs, large & small but all vital roles, some only taking a very short time to do.

We would hope to give a specific job to each person, so that everyone would only have one small job to do, rather than one person doing everything i.e. ordering water, food, medals, sorting out the raffle, organising the workforce or making up the coaches packs etc.

We already have some volunteers but welcome anyone who would like to help form this group, that will work together to look at ways of making our galas run smoothly and even ways of  improving them, by having pre and post gala meetings.

If you would like to come along please email:

First meeting to be held shortly.

Many Thanks, Jo Boxall