Privacy Policy

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Late Payment Policy

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Lost Property

From February 1st 2016 COSASC is implementing a lost property policy in line with that run by Everyone Active for the Sunderland Aquatic Centre.
Their policy, which we are adopting, will see all lost property being deposited and collected from the Reception at the Sunderland Aquatic Centre.
From the date of deposit, where an item will be recorded in the centre’s lost property book, items will be held for 30 days and thereafter disposed of by Everyone Active. From February 1st 2016 COSASC coaches and committee members will no longer receive or hold lost property in any of the club’s facilities for return to the swimmer.
The club will appoint a club liaison person to ensure that lost property is dealt with as per the policy and procedures and if issues arise they will be referred to the liaison person. Contact
Swimmers’ personal equipment is their (or their guardian’s) responsibility and it is thus their responsibility to collect lost equipment from the centre’s reception.

Discreditable Conduct Policy.

No club member, athlete or coach shall behave in any way which is likely to bring any form of discredit to the good name of the City of Sunderland Amateur Swimming Club. Any such breach will be dealt with by the club committee in an appropriate manner.

Expulsion Policy.

The Committee shall have power to expel a member when, in its opinion, it would not be in the interests of ‘The Club’ for the individual to remain a member. ‘

Upon expulsion the former member shall not be entitled to have any part of the annual membership fee to be refunded and must return any Club or external body’s trophy or trophies held forthwith.
‘The Club’ in exercising this power will comply with the requirement to comply with the provision of Rules below.
‘The Club’ shall comply with the relevant Judicial Rules for handling Internal Club Disputes (“the Rules”) as the same may be revised from time to time. The Rules are set out in the A.S.A. Judicial Laws and appear in the A.S.A. Handbook. (A copy of the current Rules may be obtained from the A.S.A. Department of Legal Affairs.)
A member may not be expelled or (subject to below) be made the subject of any other penalty unless the panel hearing the complaint shall unanimously vote in favour of the expulsion of (or other penalty imposed upon) the member.
The Officers of ‘The Club’ (or Club Teachers and Coaches) may temporarily suspend or exclude a member from particular training sessions and/or wider club activities, when in their opinion; such action is in the interests of ‘The Club’.
Where such action is taken the incident or matter will thereafter be dealt with in accordance with the appropriate Judicial Rules.

Provision of Kit for Competitions Policy.

The City of Sunderland ASC Policy on the supply of kit to athletes for competitions has been agreed as follows:

  • British Championships & Nationals = 1 sweatshirt, 1 polo shirt and 2 hats.
  • Arena League / Diddy League = 1 T shirt.
  • Cost and source to be identified in application by Fundraising Manager.

Safeguarding Children & Young People Policy.

Child Protection Procedure

The City of Sunderland Amateur Swimming Club, in partnership with the Amateur Swimming Club and NSPCC believe that the “welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility particularly when it comes to protecting children from abuse. Everyone in swimming – administrator, club official, coach, parent, friend, children themselves, everyone – can help”.

Abuse can occur any where – at home, at school, at the club. Sadly there are some people who will seek to be where children are, simply to abuse them. We believe that everyone in the City of Sunderland Amateur Swimming Club and Amateur Swimming Association, has a part to play in looking after children with whom they are working. The Children Act (2004) made it clear that safeguarding children is the responsibility of everyone within the organisation.  It is a shared responsibility of organisations to promote children’s well being and safeguard them from harm.

The City of Sunderland amateur swimming club adopts the principles of the Amateur Swimming Association (WAVE POWER 2009 – 2011) and in its accordance reinforces that:

• The welfare of children and young people are its first consideration.

• All children regardless of age, gender, racial origin, religious belief, sexual identity and disability have a right to enjoy sport free from all forms of abuse or sexual exploitation.

• We have a responsibility for the welfare of children and young people who take part in our sport.

• We have a responsibility to maintain confidentiality in all cases involving child protection and poor practice in line with current legislation.

• To maintain high standards, and follow the recommended guideline when dealing with child welfare.

• To ensure awareness of the child protection procedures within the club, couple with a knowledge of the issues.

• To actively encourage / promote club volunteers, members, coaches participating in regular child protection training.

• To ensure all coaches and volunteers involved in the sport understand their roles and responsibilities for safeguarding and protecting children and have access to a copy of the child protection policy.  A copy is also available to members via the City of Sunderland Club website ( or hard copies on request.

• To appoint a Club Welfare Officer to oversee that the procedures are followed at appropriate times. (Appendix 2, defines the role of the Welfare Officer)

A child is defined as any young person under the age of 18 years.

Definitions of child abuse can be found in appendix 1.


It is not an individual club member / committee member / coach / swimmers responsibility to decide whether a child / young person is being abused, however the ASA expect the former to act on their concerns. It is a club member / committee member / coach / swimmers responsibility to ensure the concerns raised are passed on appropriately.

Local Authority Swim Schemes 

If a child is part of a school group or on a local authority play scheme, and the swimming club are involved, the expectation is that the guidelines laid down by the employer, or the centre at which the concerns arose, are followed.

Club and swim schemes affiliated to the Amateur Swimming Club, in this case City of Sunderland Amateur Swimming Club.

It is mandatory that the club appoint a club welfare officer. This person should have knowledge of the ASA policy and procedures to advise anyone within the club with a child welfare concern. They should be involved in any concern raised within the club unless they are some way implicated in the concern.

Member(s) / official (s) or parent should follow the guidelines provided on the ASA web-site.