Instructions for electronic submission of competition entries

SPORTSYSTEMS Entry Manager Version 2 – Electronic Entry Notes

All entries for this event should be submitted through the swimmers Club.  Clubs must use the SPORTSYSTEMS Entry Manager program.  There is a new version of this program with many enhanced features.

The “New Feature Highlights” notes below outline the new program features.

See the “What to do next” section for a step by step summary of what you should do to make your entries.

There are also several links below and on the event web page to “Help” files and video screen casts demonstrating how to make your entries.

New Feature Highlights

  • FREE Entry Manager program for Clubs to use – with on-line Swimmer details and ranking times lookup.  Download here
  • View ‘Quick Start’ on-line documentation here.  Watch Video overview (see demo clip video)
  • Use swimmers ASA Registration Number to lookup Swimmers details
  • Use swimmers Registration Number to lookup Swimmers current ranking times (see demo clip video )
  • Use a ‘Valid Swimmer‘ list of registered Club swimmers, downloaded from the asa for single click entry of swimmer details (See video clip demo video )
  • Single entry file creation for Meet Organisers to distribute to Clubs for electronic entry (by web download or email)
  • Single entry file export for Clubs to return containing all their entries
  • Single Entry Manager program to use for making entries to all future SPORTSYSTEMS meets
  • Download the Entry Manager program and help files here.
  • Automatic Qualifying and Upper Limit Time checking as times are entered (See video clip demo Video)
    • Works if the meet organiser has included the Qualifying Times
    • As entry times are typed in they are ‘flagged’ (yellow) if outside the QT or ULT
    • Times retrieved from the asa ranking database are also ‘flagged’ (yellow) if outside the QT or ULT

LATE NEWS: An additional feature is now available but not included in the quick start guide. If a time is entered, automatically from rankings or manually, that does not satisfy the entry standard, the Y (green) / N (red) button adjacent to the time will be Y (yellow).  You should ensure only Y (green) times are submitted. This does NOT apply to any Disability entries. Y (yellow) times will be accepted providing they satisfy the Disability Entry Standard (where applicable).


What to do next

  1. Review the Quick Start video and help information described above.  Full instructions can be found within the program under “Help” and a quick start webcast and other short videos are available by using the links above or on the web page.  It is important that you review the quick start information, it will give you a step by step guide to making your Club’s entries.
  2. If you do NOT have SPORTSYSTEMS Entry Manager V2 on your PC, download and install the free SPORTSYSTEMS Entry Manager V2 program using the link here or on the Meet information web page.  Once installed, this program can be retained on your computer for future competition entries, you will only need to download the Entry File Set for the specific competition being entered.
  3. Run the program, select your Club and download a list of registered swimmers for your Club from the asa.  (The Valid Swimmers File).
  4. Check for program updates.  “Updates” menu command.
  5. Download the “Entry File Set” (single file) for this competition (or it may be sent as an email attachment) and “Import” it into the Entry Manager program.  “Entries – Import” menu command.  (A quick way is simply to double click the Entry File Set file).
  6. Add your swimmers entries for this competition.
  7. Check / print (optional) / edit the entries until you are satisfied they are complete and correct.
  8. “Export” the entries (to a single file) and email this file back to the meet organiser and send payment for the entries.  The exported file will most likely be saved in the “C:\SPORTSYS\SSENTRY\EXPORT” folder and will have a file name something like:
    (Meaning  MeetCode MeetYear_Club_Date-Time.sez )
  9. Return this file by email attachment to
  10. Print & Complete the Summary of Entries sheet (last page of Meet Conditions document) and send by post, with payment etc.