Parent / guardian volunteers for club roles

Do you have a skill or some knowledge which you would be happy to use to benefit our club? COSASC is run for swimmers by volunteer parents and guardians in their spare time or when their athlete is swimming. As some of our swimmers are moving on to university and / or starting their careers, we have numerous committee and non-committee volunteer roles which were previously held by their parents / guardians. As a result we are actively seeking volunteers who can offer a couple of hours per week to assist in the smooth running of the club.

  • Are you a good organiser or have secretarial / Word / Excel skills? Could you help Squad Managers, Workforce Manager / Club Chairman?
  • Do you have experience in Data Protection? Could you assist with updating policies and handle queries?
  • Do you have experience in Child Protection / Conflict Resolution? Could you help with the Welfare of our athletes?
  • Do you have experience in event management? Could you offer help in co-ordinating galas?
  • Do you have retail experience? Could you help in the Club Shop?
  • Do you have links with the local business community? Could you assist with sponsorship / fundraising?

Any time you could offer the club would be very much appreciated. If you do not want to perform a role alone, ask a friend and do it together! If you feel you could offer some time while your athlete swims please come and see us at the Club Shop to have a chat or contact our club secretary Ann Rogers on

Thank you